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Private Coaching

Understand, Heal and Transform

Would you like to set yourself free! Free from the thoughts the cycle around in your head, free from the emotions that take over your body, free from the constant grasping  to fill yourself up?

Are you really ready to break the cycle of self-made suffering and discover the fullness of who you are?

Private Coaching sessions  draw from yoga, meditation, neuroscience, dance, and  massage practices to help you understand, heal and transform all that stands in your way so you can  bring your best self into the world.

Finding Truth

 As a young teenager I was addicted to everything extreme. What I know now, but did not know then, was that I was looking for who I truly was. I was looking for truth and happiness. I searched in everything I could find and though I found momentary ups at some point the ups would all come down. At 21, it would seem, that I had everything a girl needed to make her happy. I was an adventurer living on my boat in Alaska, had enough money, degrees to prove my intelligence and was an extreme snowboarder. I had lots of approval based on these things.  Until one day all that got torn away from me and I suffered for many years. I suffered not from the event but from the voice in my head that told me I would never be happy again, never be worthy and never be loved. It told me this over and over and over again and there started the journey of discovering the depth of who I really am. Through my path of suffering, the loving arms of my community, nature, and many different healing modalities I discovered how to surrender the control of my thoughts and embrace the peace that I am.  

My joy resides in helping you remember this part of yourself too!

And in helping you understand, heal and transform the parts that feel broken and keep you from knowing your fullness.

My coaching uses many different avenues from dance and art to neuroscience and nature. But the power of my coaching comes through the surrender to my open, honest and authentic nature. Giving you permission to go there too!