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Alchemy Movement

A space for transformation to take place

“We dance to fall in love with the spirit in all things, to wipe out memory or transform it into moves that nobody else can make because they didn’t live it. We dance to hook up to the true genius lurking behind all the bullshit—to seek refuge in our originality and our power to reinvent ourselves; to shed the past, forget the future and fall into the moment feet first.”

Alchemy movement uses dance, yoga and neuroscience to help you understand  and transform your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to work for you instead of against you.

It is  a catalyst to shed limiting beliefs, step into your power and embody your wholeness.

Our classes provide a safe environment where you are welcome to show up  exactly as you are, and explore who you really WANT to be.

It is a place to transform your pain into your power, your suffering into your awakening and your darkness into light.


Neuroscience and Dance?

What are your voices in your head telling you?

Are your thoughts  helping you thrive or stopping you from living your full potential?

Would you like to learn how to cultivate and sustain more positive emotions ?

We all have negative thoughts and emotions. Have you ever thought about it? What is a thought and where does it come from? Why does it have so much control over you? Why do you have conflicting thoughts?

Human beings are currently controlled by their thoughts. It would be more correct to ask “what is thinking you” as opposed to “what are you thinking.” The  cunning behavior of our thoughts might just be the most interesting and powerful thing of human existence.

Through out time human beings have been victims of their thoughts. But the time has changed!

Cutting- edge research in Neuroscience is now discovering just how malleable our brains really are. Contemplative practitioners have known this for centuries: WE HAVE THE POWER TO REPROGRAM OUR MINDS!

With our multifaceted program we provide practical tools to help you understand and transform negative mind-emotional patterns into a deeper sense of beauty, peace, joy, clarity, and greater overall well-being.

All thoughts and beliefs have a pathway in the brain much like a path you walk in the woods. The more you walk it, the more it forms a clear and direct path.

At any time you have the ability to stop walking a particular path and create another one. Science calls this neuroplacisty.

Yes, you can train your mind to let go of the thoughts,limiting beliefs and negative emotions that don’t serve you and replace them with ones that help you live your best self!

Come learn the alchemy of your body, mind and soul and set yourself free!