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Sarah Megan

(Megan Vogt)

Sarah Megan


My passion and life are dedicated to helping people discover their true inner calling and empowering them to live it.

I come from America where I once acquired all the things that people think would make one happy, until one day all that got torn away from me. And through that, I discovered that happiness and peace truly comes from the inside!

Now I share my wisdom and bring peace to the world through helping people heal their inner worlds!

I am a leader in the emotional education movement which brings the education of inner peace, emotional regulation and leadership training into the school curriculum.

My work aims to  bridge the gap between western science and contemplative eastern wisdom. I hold degrees in both Natural Science and Contemplative Eastern Arts and am currently finishing a Maters degree in Emotional Education and Neuropsychology.

I am the founder of Change Maker Tribe, Alchemy Dance and Awakening Peace; all programs which focus on creating peace in the world through inner transformation.