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Ocean Vogt

(Megan Vogt)

Ocean Vogt


I am a massage therapist, musician, yoga teacher and embodiment healer from the USA. Currently I live in Austria where I am creating spaces of healing, connection and creativity.

My passion and life are dedicated to helping people discover their true inner calling and empowering them to live it. I do this in many different ways!

I am a leader in the emotional education movement which brings the education of inner peace, emotional regulation and leadership training into the school curriculum.

My work aims to create a bridge between western science and ancient wisdom. I hold degrees in both Marine Biology and Contemplative Eastern Arts and am currently finishing a Maters degree in Social and Emotional Education.

I am the founder of Change Maker Tribe, Alchemy Embodied and Awakening Peace; all programs which focus on creating peace in the world through inner transformation.

Currently I am writing my thesis upon understanding how grief work helps to heal ancestral and collective trauma. I love to play music as well as help people overcome their fears so they can unlock their creative potential.