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April Retreat

Metamorphosis Retreat

April 14th-16th

Join us for 3 days of deepening, listening and connecting. In this workshop we will awaken and open our connection to the breath, the body and the voice. We will explore their power as transformational agents in helping us transmute and integrate all that doesn’t serve us so we may once again unfold our wings and fly.


REnew, REjuvinate

 This retreat is a reset for the body, mind and soul. It is an opportunity to give yourself space from the distractions of life and time to focus on connecting, listening, healing and being. Through the combination of yoga, dance, nutrition, breath work, art, and inquiry you will learn skills to rewire the nervous system and come back to wholeness.




Is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, musician, embodiment coach and biologist from the USA....

Nutrition and Inner Nourishment

Through the exploration of nutrition, fasting, and cleansing you will become a scientist of your own body! We will explore the amazing physiological benefits of fasting and cleansing and then explore the magic with our guided 10 day fast/cleanse (adjustable to your body’s needs). Beyond the cleansing protocol you will explore how different foods affect your physical, mental and emotional states.


Learn the science behind why our brains attach onto negative habits and patters and how to re-pattern those neuro-pathways. Explore what beliefs you hold that limit you from your full potential and lean how to understand, heal and transform those limiting beliefs. Break  free from negative thought/emotional patterns that keep you chained.



Daily Zen
Meditation in Movement

Learn meditation  practices that will help you turn your daily challenges into transformative opportunities. Meditation is NOT just sitting on a cushion and trying not to think. In these 30 days you will learn how meditation can be used in all your activities to help you connect with your, always present, inner wisdom and inner peace.


Cacao Ceremony

Sweat Lodge is a  space for people of all beliefs to come together in prayer for the healing of the inner self, the community and the greater whole. Sweat Lodge is a sacred space to connect with your deeper  self and awaken your connection to all things.

Breath Work

Breath is one of the most powerful tools that we have access to in every moment. We breathe consciously and unconsciously therefore breathe is a gateway to heal deep wounds and patterns that live in the unconscious. In this workshop you will learn to use the power of breath to support you on your journey to wholeness.

Embodied Dance

Learn to use dance as a catalyst to transform limiting beliefs and embody your wholeness. Emotions are literally energy in motion however often we don’t let them flow. We hold on to them within our body.  Learn how to recognize these storage places in your body and use your body to transform these energies back into flow.  Transform your pain into power, your challenges into opportunities and darkness to light. 

Investment in Self

Language: English and German

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