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Nourishing body, mind and soul,


My Bodywork sessions help to nourish body, mind and soul. I offer both traditional massage as well as an integrated approach that combines various modalities to help release and transformation old trauma’s and triggers stored inside the body.

Traditional modalities include: Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Hot Stone and Swedish .

Integrated sessions use a combination of deep touch with energetic and sound healing techniques.


Are you looking to reduce stress? Relieve pain in your back or treat a migraine? Connect your mind & body? Heal Trauma? Transform stuck energy? Whatever it is you are looking for, I will provide a safe nourishing space and take the time to learn what your goals are to help you achieve them




Deep Tissue

Our popular Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for injury rehabilitation as well as to release tensions in the body. We use breath work and deep touch to help increase blood flow during this treatment as we release “trigger points” knots and tension in the body.  


Hot Stone

Relieve tired muscles with Hot Stone Massage. In this treatment, heated Stones are placed on the body in specific patterns. After that, those stones are used to massage into the muscles. This is what provides the ultimate, deep relaxation!  



Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a gentle touch that promotes relaxation and the release of tension. It focuses on the release of tension from the whole body.




Reflexology helps the whole body! It promotes relaxation, improves circulation and reduces pain. It also soothes tired feet and encourages healing.  



Energy Healing

Energy Healing encourages the body and mind toward relaxation. This allows our marvelous self-healing abilities to come into play. In fact, the benefits can last for many days after your treatment.  


60 min session: 75 Euro

90 min session: 100 Euro

10* 60 min session pack: 600 Euro

Gift Certificates also available 



It is my belief that healing should not be hindered by financial means. If you can not afford a session but feel the calling to work with me please get in contact. I am also open to work on a barter/trade system.




I have a traveling practice with office locations in Salzburg, Ostermiething, Braunau am Inn and Rosenheim.


Home visits are also possible.